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Urban Yog Heat Patch will help you experience painless periods. Yes, you read it right. All you need to do is rely on your period partner. This heat patch for period pain is made with natural ingredients such as carbon, natural salt, clay, and iron and therefore is completely safe to use. Moreover, these heat patches for cramps heat on their own and provide a hassle-free experience. The period pain patch provides relief to the weary uterine muscles and minimizes the cramps.

The cramp relief patch not only offers relief to the lower abdomen but also to the back when you experience that heavy flow. Whether you are relaxing in the house, attending a lecture in college, giving a presentation at work, or fulfilling your wanderlust, a period pain relief patch will always come in handy. Because now don't let that flow stop you.

1. OFFERS 8-10 HOUR RELIEF : As soon as you remove the cover the warm patch starts heating on its own and within 15-20 minutes you will be able to feel the relief it is going to provide. It will calm your strained uterine muscles for at least 8-10 hours.

2. MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS : The period cramp patch is innovated by keeping your safety as the first priority in the mind. It is made with natural ingredients including natural salt, activated carbon, clay, and iron making it absolutely safe for usage.

3. EASY TO USE AND DISPOSE OF : All you need to do is remove the transparent covering, apply it on the area that hurts be it the abdomen or back, and let it give you cramp comfort. Once 8-10 hours are over, safely remove it and dispose of it in the bin as it is composed of all biodegradable materials.

4. ONE-STOP SOLUTION : The cramp comfort heat patch heats on its own and saves the hassle of heating it like a hot water bag. You can slide it in your bag and carry it anywhere you wish to for period cramp relief. There is no need to manage those bulky hot water bags and reheat them from time to time.

5. THINGS TO REMEMBER : Do not reuse a heat patch for back pain or abdomen pain. It is not meant to be stuck on wet or wounded areas. Do not unwrap it, unless you wish to use it. Do not use more than one heat patch a day.

How much do you get?

Pack of 3 (Lasts 1 Menstrual Cycle!)

How to use it?

Experience painless periods in 4 simple steps :

● Unwrap the heat patch

● Undo the transparent cover

● Stick it on the lower abdomen or back (directly on the skin or cloth)

● After 8-10 hours of usage, dispose of in the bin 

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