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Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patch contains 100% hydrocolloid. All you need to do is apply this spot patch on active acne and it will draw out the sebum and pus overnight. You will notice that the pimple will diminish in size and will soon fade away.
There are types of pimple patches to suit your needs. If you have got multiple pimples on your face then there is an easy solution for that too. There is a rectangular pimple patch for areas like forehead and cheeks while there is a curvy pimple patch for areas like chin & nose.

1. ASSISTS IN DIMINISHING ACNE : Now you do not have to wait for those acne to stay on your skin forever. Just apply the acne pimple patch and it will reduce the acne size overnight by drawing the pus and fluids.

2. CONCEALS UNDER MAKE-UP : Stepping out and worried about that pimple popping up on your face? Relax, just apply this acne pimple patch. It easily hides under the layer of make-up so you can carry on with your everyday dressing up session.

3. SAVES TIME : Are those pimples bothering you? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with this acne pimple patch. It will not only help to reduce the pimple size overnight but also save your hustle of popping the pimple and worrying about the residue pimple marks.

4. EASY TO CARRY & USE : Using this acne pimple master patch is extremely easy. All you need to do is remove the transparent covering and apply this pimple sticker on the acne and let it fade away. The best part is that you can carry it anywhere and use it at any time.

5. WATER-RESISTANT : Do you wish to wear the acne patch throughout the day? You can. These acne spot patches are designed in a way that its design is waterproof yet breathable. They protect the pimple from dirt and pollution and do not hamper your everyday chores.


72 dots (24 big, 48 small)


STEP-1 : Clean your face properly.

STEP-2 : Choose the pimple sticker according to your pimple and apply.

STEP-3 :  Make sure that it sits in the center of the pimple.

STEP-4 :  Leave it overnight.

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