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Urban Yog Rectangular Pimple Patch is made with 100% hydrocolloid. These patches draw out the pus and fluids completely and help to diminish the acne size overnight. This pimple patch is ideal for rectangular areas of the face like the forehead and cheeks. Just a single strip of this face patch for pimples is enough to help you get rid of multiple acne in one night.

Moreover, they do not leave any residue marks after removing the patch. You will notice a reduction in the size of acne and soon they will fade away giving you clean and clear skin.

1. MADE NATURALLY Urban Yog Rectangular Pimple Patch is made using 100% hydrocolloid that absorbs fluids and pus from the active acne. This helps in reducing the acne size. Soon it fades away giving clean and clear skin.

2. DESIGNED FOR RECTANGULAR AREAS : These rectangular pimple stickers are innovated for rectangular areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks. They properly stick to those areas and absorb the pus & fluids.

3. SAVES TIME : This pimple patch can be applied on the cheeks or forehead where you have multiple acne on the skin. It draws out the pus and diminishes the acne overnight and they eventually fade away.

4. ACTS AS A BARRIER FOR SKIN These acne stickers when applied to the skin act as a barrier to protect the acne on the skin from coming in contact with dirt or pollution. The reason is that the acne can get worse if there is any further contamination.

5. MADE PORTABLE & WATERPROOF : The rectangular spot patches are easy to carry anywhere you go. Place it in your purse and use it anytime. Moreover, this patch can be worn throughout the day as it is waterproof but breathable.


4 Large Strips


Get Pimple-free skin in 3 simple steps-

Step-1 : Remove the film and stick it on the rectangular area (cheeks or forehead)

Step-2 : Keep it for 2-3 hours or overnight

Step-3 : Gently remove the patch and enjoy clean & clear skin

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