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Urban Yog Acne Pimple Patch and Anti-Pigmentation Serum is the ideal face care combo for you to get rid of pimples and after marks. It helps you stay spotless every time. Whenever a pimple pops up on your skin, don’t stress out. No pinching, no squeezing. Just stick a pimple patch for an hour or overnight and let hydrocolloid draw out the pus. Notice the pimples diminish in size. Later on, before sleeping dab a drop or two on the pigmentation mark and see it fade away in 1-2 weeks. Now, you can boldly flaunt your clean and clear skin with this skin care kit


1. GO-TO COMBINATION FOR CLEAR SKIN : Urban Yog Pimple Stickers and Anti-Pigmentation Serum is your go-to combination when it comes to having clean and clear skin. It helps you to get rid of pimples and eliminate the residue marks from the skin making way for spotless skin.


2. CONVENIENT TO USE : This combo is the most convenient way to wave goodbye to pimples on the skin. Remember, popping and pinching is never a solution because it leaves marks on your face. Just patch the pimple and apply pigmentation serum and the marks will be gone.


3. WHAT'S THE SECRET BEHIND THIS COMBO : The secret lies in the ingredients and their proportion. Pimple patch contains 100% hydrocolloid to absorb the pus and fluids. While the Anti-Pigment Serum is a combination of 10% Niacinamide that helps in minimizing acne marks and even skin tone. 2% Alpha Arbutin assists in regulating melanin and 1% Zinc PCA helps to maintain water balance.


4. GIVES EFFECTIVE RESULTS : This combo is effective in giving you spotless skin. The pimple patch draws out the pus from the pimple overnight while anti-pigmentation serum helps to fade away the acne marks from the skin in a period of 15 days.


5. MADE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES : These face products are innovated to suit all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily or any skin type in between this combo is for you. Now, if you notice any pimple popping up on your skin, you know what to look for!




30 ml (Approx 1 month)



A simple guide to stay spotless:

STEP-1 : Apply pimple patch and keep it overnight.


STEP-2 : Remove it next morning.


STEP-3 :  Pour 1-2 drops onto the pigmented area with the dropper.


STEP-4 :  Apply it every day before you sleep and witness results in 15 days!


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