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Urban Yog Ayurvedic Jadibuti Kalonj Oil

Kalonji black seed cumin oil is made with a combination of Cuscus Grass, Shankhapushpi, Hibiscus Petals, Nagarmotha, and much more. Urban Yog Kalonji oil is the best treatment for dryness. A dry scalp can cause infections and itching that becomes a major issue if not treated. This oil deeply conditions and avoids dryness. Also, it doesn’t leave excess oil in the scalp, just the right amount.



MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Kalonji oil is made with Cuscus Grass, Shankhapushpi, Hibiscus, Nagarmotha, and more. These are a rich source of fatty acids, nutrients, and vitamins that improve the health of your scalp.

BENEFICIAL FOR DRY SKIN: It adds moisture to the skin and reduces dryness and flaking. The oil lightens skin tone and has anti-aging properties.

STRENGTHENS YOUR HAIR: The Kalonji Oil contains amino acids and vitamins that enhance hair growth, reduces hair fall, treats dandruff and itchy scalp.

REVIVES YOUR SKIN: The Kalonji Oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It can be applied to acne and scars to maintain the natural shine of the skin.

MINIMIZES HAIR FALL: The Kalonji Oil is full of vital nutrients which work wonders for your hair. It controls hair fall and retains the moisture of your hair.

How much do you get?

200 ml (Approx. 1 month)


How to use it?

Step 1: Take 8-10 drops of oil on your palm

Step 2: Spread it on your palms

Step 3: Apply it through the hair strands

Step 4: Massage for a few minutes

*Note: For best results, leave it overnight and wash it off the next day


Urban Yog Ayurvedic Jadibuti Kalonji Oil complete care - UrbanYog
Urban Yog Ayurvedic Jadibuti Kalonji Oil works so well - UrbanYog
Urban Yog Ayurvedic Jadibuti Kalonji Oil - UrbanYog
Urban Yog Ayurvedic Jadibuti Kalonji Oil - UrbanYog


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