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There are days when you wake up late and there is no time to take a head bath. During summers or workout sessions your scalp sweats and your hair become frizzy. In times of winter, you may feel too lazy to take a cold shower. Well, Urban Yog Dry Shampoo is the solution to having a good hair day every day.
It instantly absorbs dirt and excess oil from the hair and gives them bounce and volume. You are ready to boldly flip your hair around, style the way you like, and step out to make a change. A few sprays can transform your hair from dull, flat, and oily to bouncy, voluminous, and silky. In fact, if you have color-treated hair then dry shampoo comes in handy. It enhances the time frame for you to enjoy your hair as there is occasional usage of water.

1. Provides Instant Bounce : Due to dirt and pollution, your hair becomes flat and greasy. You can’t always find the time to take a head bath. Instead, you can go for dry shampoo for women which refreshes your hair in seconds and you are ready to go.

2. Absorbs excess oil and dirt : When you step out in pollution or sweat accumulates on the scalp due to humidity, use this dry shampoo for oily hair. It comes in handy to instantly cleanse your hair and absorb all the dirt.

3. Offers marine fragrance : Spraying a few spurts of this dry shampoo can absorb the odor and make your hair smell fresh like marine water and oceanic fragrance. Not just that, the fragrance lasts for a good 2 days.

4. Refreshes hair between washes : Whether it is sweaty summers, chilly winters, or humid rains, whatever your excuse might be to not wash your hair, Urban Yog Dry Shampoo Spray will come to the rescue. So now, nothing can stop you from having a good hair day every day.

5. Increases time-frame for colour-treated hair : If you have got your hair colour-treated then this dry hair shampoo spray is going to be your best friend. It enhances the time for you to enjoy your coloured tresses because you do not have to wash your hair every now and then.


200 ml (Lasts depending on usage)


STEP-1 : Shake the spray

STEP-2 : Keep it upright and spray 8-10 inches away from your hair strands

STEP-3 :  You will notice some white particles on your hair. Dust them off using a comb or hands

STEP-4 :  Style the way you like

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